On March 21st I was sitting on the beach worried about getting a sunburn:

March umbrella

This week there’s talk of snow! I also had an interesting drive to the yoga studio on Wednesday that threw every possible form of precipitation at me in the course of the 1st 9 miles. And then the sun came out. O.o Gotta love New England!

Speaking of summer, would you believe that I finally finished a pair of socks I started *last* summer? The day after Christmas!

Medallion Lace Socks

Medallion Lace Socks

Pattern: Medallion Lace Socks
Yarn: Zarzuela’s Fibers Chromatic in Navy
Needles: US 2.5
Knit: 7.29.2011-12.26.2011

This pattern was the first selected pattern for SOS last year and my delay in finishing them is by no means a commentary on the pattern. It was lovely to knit in fact but obviously life got in my way a bit. I remember at the time there were many complaints about how the pattern puckered when it was knit, but as you can see a gentle blocking took care of that.

Medallion Lace Socks

The astute among you may also notice that my mind was apparently not with me when I picked these up after a long hiatus to try and finish them.

Medallion Lace Socks

Uh. Yeah. Oopsie! You will also notice that I’m calling it a design element of my own creation and letting the socks live. ;-)

The yarn is my own hand dyed Chromatic Sock which is a 100% superwash BFL with a nice hard twist. It really makes a great sock yarn but as you can see in this Ravelry search there are other good uses for it too. :-) I’m hoping to do a shawlette with my Vishuddha colorway sometime soon.

In shop news there’s only a short time left to get in on my next three month round of the Fiber Club! The first three months have been a blast so far for me and my customers and I’m looking forward to the next three months. :-)

If you want to see my work in person I’ve also got two shows coming up. On April 21st (with a rain date of the 22nd) I’ll be at The Chancellor’s Sheep & Wool Showcase in Germantown, NY and on June 9th I’ll be at the Squam Spring Art Fair in NH. I love meeting customers in person so if you’re nearby to any of these events please come out and say hello!

I hope to have a few more knitting projects to share next time but it seems like my knitting pace is pretty slow these days. I’m grateful though because I’m teaching 4 classes at the studio and starting to find some private students as well and I couldn’t be happier with the work I’m doing. It’s really nice when the universe seems to listen when you ask for what you need. :-)

See you next time!

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4 Responses to “Summer thinking…”
  1. Risa says:

    Pretty socks. I love a good hard twisted sock yarn, they are great to work with.

  2. Astoria says:

    Gorgeous socks! I’ll be at Squam too! Yay — looking forward to seeing you there!

  3. Donna says:

    Isn’t the weather up here bizarre? We have had the woodstove going the last couple of days after all that beautiful weather we had.

    Your socks look lovely!

  4. I think the weather is crazy everywhere. We had 75+ degree last saturday, on monday 13 inches of snow, and today back to about 65. Planted some rasberry plants. Keeping my fingers crossed for no more hard cold nights.

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