I’m finding myself more and more pressed for time these days which is putting the blog on the back burner, much to my displeasure. I hope you’ll forgive me while I try and tread water through this last week of SOS (yes, last week, can you believe it?!) and prepare for a coming storm of which I will tell you more soon.

In the meantime, a million thank yous to the incomparable Tina for all of her hard work to make W.O.O.L. 2008 a roaring success! I was lucky enough to be able to participate for about half the time this year at the rustic Wiawaka retreat center and I’m quite glad I made it happen. The grounds were lovely:

WOOL 2008 (5)

WOOL 2008 (10)

WOOL 2008 (3)

WOOL 2008 (9)

And I’m sure for those that enjoy water, that was lovely too. These parasailers must have thought so!

WOOL 2008 (7)

The accommodations were definitely on the rustic side, but I think I’ve been spoiled a bit by Bassoon Camp. Still, they were more than adequate for what we were there for. I was so busy spinning and or knitting most of the time that I didn’t get many pictures, but here is the common room that we all gathered to work in during the evenings from above.

WOOL 2008 (8)

WOOL 2008 (11)

There was show and tell on Friday night which was really fun. Getting to see everyone’s projects and hear the stories behind some of them was really interesting. Saturday we did a silent auction to benefit the retreat center. I offered up a braid from my shop and came away with a huge bag of llama fleece! I was surprised to win. Not sure what I’ll do with it yet as it still needs to be cleaned, but there are ideas percolating. Nearly $200 was raised! Go us!

I was happy to hang out with old friends and meet some new ones while getting some time away. There is talk of something during the winter but if that doesn’t happen I’ll be happy to see you all again next summer!

While I was there I managed to finish this yarn:

Roses in the Dark BFL Sock yarn

Roses in the Dark BFL Sock closeup

Zarzuela’s Fibers BFL Sock – Roses in the Dark Colorway. I’m still deciding if I want to sell it or not. This was for the Ravelympics and is my third and final cross of the finish line (if I can ever get it posted on Ravelry!).

I also finished this:

Merino Silk Mint Julep

Merino Silk Mint Julep Closeup

Zarzuela’s Fibers Merino/Silk – Mint Julep Colorway. This is a new fiber for me to start carrying in the shop and I certainly couldn’t sell any until I tried it out myself! Luckily it was a lovely spin and I’ll be happy to start making it available when I can get it dyed. This skein may go up for sale as well if I can stand to part with it. It’s merino and silk people!! It’s a hard decision! ;)

I was also able to get through another big chunk of spinning but didn’t come out with a finished yarn on the other end so we’ll save that for another day. However, I do want to share my 2nd Ravelympic finish with you although you may have already seen it:

DC Sunrise fingering yarn 1

DC Sunrise fingering yarn closeup

Zarzuela’s Fibers Merino Handspun – DC Sunrise colorway (inspired by daily sunrise pictures posted by Wendy on Plurk), 660 yards, approximately fingering weight. I couldn’t be more proud of this yarn (and considering it took over 2 hours to ply alone I suppose I should be!) and the fact that Wendy is happy with it makes it even better. :) I can’t wait to see her shawl! Doing custom spinning orders is proving to be quite fun (interested? Leave a comment or convo me on etsy) and I have another in the works right now. It helps me let all the dyeing go out the door to new homes some days. ;)

So for those of you keeping score, that means that I did not make the finish line with the socks. Would you believe that I finished them about 36 hours too late?! Ahhh well… the triumph is in the trying sometimes! Pictures of those soon along with the pair that I finished a mere 24 hours after that! Sheesh.

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12 Responses to “Wonderful wonderful W.O.O.L.”
  1. Ida says:

    WOOL looks like it would have been a lot of fun. The yarns you’ve posted in this blog are gorgeous–but that’s what we’ve come to expect.

    I’m glad the shop is doing well, and I hope that we will be able to work together on at least one of the several ideas percolating around in my brain.

  2. mslindz says:

    It looks like W.O.O.L. was a great time! It’s been so long since I spent some time in nature, I really must do that this fall.

    All of the yarns look great! I’m quite impressed with the DC Sunrise one – it came out fantastic and Wendy’s shawl is coming along great, too. I really need to get a wheel so I can start spinning myself (so I can buy lots of your fiber)! Hoping maybe sometime early next year.

    Congrats on on all you finished for the Ravelympics! I imagine you’re quite happy that SoS ’08 is over and glad to have that time back, though with this “coming storm”, perhaps it’s not going to be so quiet for you?

  3. Heidi says:

    Sounds like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing. As long as the llama fiber isn’t too filthy, you should be fine to spin it as-is and wash it as yarn, since it doesn’t have lanolin. That’s what my friend who raises llamas does.

  4. Tina M. says:

    I’m so glad you had a good time! I describe the accomodations as Victorian Summer Camp and I don’t think it’s too far off, but I’ve never actually been to camp so I couldn’t say.

    Your yarn is lovely, and I’m glad that you did well in the vending arena! :)

  5. Cookie says:

    I’m so glad you had a good time at WOOL. You have more than earned some fun and relaxation.

    Gorgeous spinning!

  6. stacey says:

    that looks like so much fun!!!! the spinning is beautiful!! I love how you have so many different colors….

  7. Risa says:

    WOOL was a blast and I’m glad that you were one of the three encouraging me to go. Thank you. Your spinning is lovely, as is youre dyeing!

  8. Harriet says:

    It was so nice to see you at WOOL. It was a blast, wasn’t it? The BFL is in queue right after the merino that’s on the bobbins now. I love your dyeing. So very difficult to get back into the swing of real life though.

  9. Kim says:

    WOOL was awesome and wonderful!!! I am going back for sure next year. I wonder what the rooms in the other two cottages looked like. They had bigger windows that opened. It was great to have lots of time to hang with you and spin & knit & laugh. Very funny that Saturday night you were wearing all blue, spinning blue and drinking a blue drink. I still have to ply the watermelon superwash I got from you and spun at WOOL.

  10. Adelle says:

    I thought about going this year but didn’t sign up in time… it’s right near where I live (I was actually there in LG on Monday). Looks like a good time!

  11. Elinor says:

    The yarn is beautiful! You are one talented spinner. I love looking at your stuff. And WOOL looks like so much fun!

  12. JessaLu says:

    It was a great weekend, I’m glad we were able to hang out a bit. Gorgeous spinning, as always. :o )

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