This post will probably be less exuberant than it might have been as I appear to be coming down with something again. Combine that with needing to work on Saturday and you’ve got yourself one grumpy Jessica. Perhaps I can pull myself out of the funk by reliving my Rhinebeck finds. We shall see.

My shopping list was pretty specific this year. I really wanted to get a few certain things and get them early so I could spend the rest of the festival enjoying the sights and sounds with HWJF and the gang. I really wanted this Rhinebeck to be less about the “stuff”, but I certainly wasn’t coming home empty handed. :)

On the yarn front, I had a few specific needs for future holiday gifts. I was lucky enough to find these two skeins:

Rhinebeck 2008 (15)

Rhinebeck 2008 (14)

They are Oasis Yarns “Seduction”. One hundred percent silk and about 300 yards a piece. They are already on the needles but that’s all I can say since the recipient does read the blog now and then. ;)

There was some serious restraint in the sock yarn category this year. Only one skein!

Rhinebeck 2008 (55)

Aussi Sock, which I used for a pair of socks for my Grandfather for last Christmas. It’s a nice wool yarn with a good nylon content. It’s also intended for holiday gift giving this year.

The only other yarn I purchased was for myself. Seven skeins of this yummy stuff:

Rhinebeck 2008 (74)

That would be Green Mountain Spinnery Maine Organic. I do believe this will become “Portland” from “A Fine Fleece” sometime down the road. It’s a really lovely yarn and I’m glad I made my purchase early because it was all gone on Sunday!

There were two purchases for the benefit of my spinning wheels. The higher speed whorl mentioned in the previous post and this:

Rhinebeck 2008 (72)

The bug and the matchless should be nice and shiny when I get done with them with this stuff. And lord knows they could both use it.

Next there was the fiber. I must have carried one of my new drop spindles around in my hand nearly all day on Saturday looking for something I was dying to spin on it. After consulting with Christine, I finally decided to give silk caps another go.

Rhinebeck 2008 (56)

These two will get spun and plied together, mostly because there was a third one that was spun and became a victim of my first attempt at Andean plying. I got the plying going fine, it was the silk sticking to itself that made it a disaster.

I also picked up a two pound bump of a dyed wool at the same booth. Don’t ask me to tell you what it was at the moment or show you a picture because I just couldn’t seem to do it justice. HWJF and I both liked it so much that there may have to be a his and hers sweater from it. Maybe I’ll be able to get a better pic for next post.

I needed a couple of things for the shop as well. I bought a few bags of silk for dyeing and blending into future batts.

Rhinebeck 2008 (16)

I also found a good deal on some Corriedale roving.

Rhinebeck 2008 (35)

These will probably be going into my first fiber club. More details on that soon!

As you saw from the photos in the last post, I didn’t make it out of the fleece sale empty handed. I had gone in thinking I’d try to find a nice chocolate brown polworth for myself. Unfortunately, there was no polworth to be seen, but when I came back to this beauty three times I figured it was trying to say “Take me home!”

Rhinebeck 2008 (73)

Sorry for the amazingly craptastic pictures, but this was the best I could do with the time I had. It’s a Romney/Border Leicester cross (if I remember correctly) from a farm in PA. Very clean and very healthy looking. The color goes from a lovely black to a bit of a chocolate brown toward some of the tips. At 6 lbs. 10 oz. (despite the fact that some of that weight will be lost in the processing) I think it’s going to make a lovely sweater or two. Check out that staple length!

Rhinebeck 2008 (36)

That’s at least 4 inches if not more. And yes, despite the grand plans I had of dropping this and the two Shetland fleeces that I bought earlier in the year at a processor, I’ll be doing the whole deal on my own.

Going back to shop needs, at the end of the day on Sunday my mission to find some washed, undyed mohair locks seemed to have been thwarted. Until I decided on this:

Rhinebeck 2008 (54)

That would be a 5 lb. mohair fleece from the mohair fleece sale. I figured since I couldn’t find what I wanted, I’ll just do it myself. And since it had a second place ribbon on it, I figured I couldn’t go wrong! Even my Mom thought it was lovely. I think the color variations will be very interesting when complemented with some dye.

My final purchase of the day, as we walked toward the gates and I discovered there was a little cash still burning a hole in my pocket was this:

Rhinebeck 2008 (53)

Sairy had gotten one earlier in the day and I just couldn’t resist. It’s got a black sheep and a white sheep on it and a skein of blue yarn. What could be more perfect?

But of course, I have saved my first purchase and the very best purchase for last. The two Golding Spindles that HWJF bought for me as part of my Christmas present for this year! First up:

1st spindle

This is the Celtic Ring #2. It has a 2 3/4″ handcarved Cherry Whorl with a walnut shaft and weighs 1.3 oz. This is one of their more standard designs.

1st spindle and silk

It’s seen here on 2 oz. of dyed silk from Chasing Rainbows that I picked up at the Carolina Homespun booth along with my faster wheel whorl. It’s a fantastic spindle as far as I’m concerned and I’m really enjoying spinning up the silk on it.

But if you think that one is fabulous, take a look at this:

2nd spindle front

This is the Celtic Ring style with a vintage sterling silver ring. The entire spindle is handcarved from walnut and weighs 1.31 oz. What you see on it is my first attempt at spinning a silk cap since my previous disaster and before I ruined it. ;)

2nd spindle side

We talked to Mr. Golding as we were checking out and he said he’s only made one like this because of what a pain it was to make. The ring is set into the whorl and that space had to be carefully carved out for it to fit.

2nd spindle back

As you can see here, even the underside is beautifully carved. This baby likes to spin For-ever! It’s awesome! I adore them both and they will be the perfect memory of a perfect weekend for a long time to come. Yes friends, I’m finally a spindle convert! :-D

And now I must return to the real world rather than my fiber induced dreams. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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19 Responses to “The loot from Rhinebeck ’08”
  1. Tina M. says:

    *drool* Oh my GOD, that last spindle is divine. All your purchases were lovely, but whoo-doggy! I would have loved that spindle in ebony with that carving and that ring. Good job on the haul, I look forward to seeing what you do with your blank slates (as it were).

  2. stacey says:

    looks like you’ll be busy for a bit washing fleeces!!! my sister got a Mohair fleece at NHSW and we still have a bunch. It was a pain to wash (it probably wasn’t as clean as yours!)

    I have that same mug and love it!!!! Perfect size for cocoa… ;)

  3. Megan S says:

    Great haul! I am staying away from fleeces this weekend – or at least trying to! I have a local friend who has sheep and is planning on one more shearing before they are sold, and I’ve already got my eye on one! The spindles are beautiful.. I’ve been wanting one for a long time now, and I just don’t think I will be able to hold out much longer.
    Enjoy your new goodies!!

  4. Harriet says:

    What great loot!!!! Isn’t that the best thing about fiber? It brings us joy now, will bring us joy as we work with it, and bring us more joy when it grows up into something wearable. Kind of like having kids….without the diapers.

  5. Daniele says:

    All around well-thought out buys. I especially love the Seduction. Gorgeous. The border leicester/romney fleece is wonderful too. The lighter brown tips are actually from the sun during the summer! I love how that happens on my borders’ fleeces too. Make sure the tips are not weak, though. That can be a drawback to the sun. I would separate the locks and wash them instead of the whole fleece at once. You will be able to spin a nice worsted yarn if you do it that way. Also, border leicester/romney is not likely to felt easily. YAY!

    I also want to see what you have in mind for the his and her sweaters!! Too cool.

  6. Heidi says:

    Wow! Quite a haul! The spindles are beautiful. I have the celtic ring spindle, but it doesn’t have the sterling silver ring! Sounds like a great weekend!

  7. Karen says:

    Wow, you picked up some amazing things! Enjoy them all. :)

  8. Kim says:

    You scored with all that great loot. I so wanted one of those sheep coffee mugs. Can I use it for tea next time I visit you? I could tell you completely lurved your Golding Spindle (wow, you got 2!). When I saw you Sunday you were clutching it to your chest like a kid with a brand new beloved teddy bear!
    A Fiber Club!!! Woo hoo! Can’t wait to hear more.

  9. Chris says:

    Yummy stuff! Now use that adorable mug for a few steamy hot mugs of tea, perhaps with some honey, and maybe a soak in a hot bubble bath, then off to bed early. Might help fend off anything brewing.

  10. Cookie says:

    You cannot get sick again! I know you weren’t feeling well since you only got one hank of sock yarn.

    Aren’t the Golding ring spindles gorgeous?

    Still looking forward to seeing you work with the fleeces.

  11. --Deb says:

    Beautiful, beautiful stuff! But make sure you get some rest!

  12. Ceci says:

    Great haul —- but the spindles are the highlights for sure. They
    are stunning.

    Don’t get sick – take that vitamin C, Echinacea, rest and drink hot tea and spin….. Sleep in Sunday.

  13. Yvonne says:

    Fiber Club?? WOOHOO!

    It was great to see you! I hope to see you in Maryland!! Perhaps by then you’ll have your own booth there!! ;)

  14. Elysbeth says:

    Lovely, it’s all lovely.

    Hope you avoid the evil bug.

  15. Vera says:

    Nice smart purchases. Love that sock yarn and cup.

  16. chris says:

    Nice Loot! Hope you feel better soon. And Jennie had her booth very nicely located – DH gave me a beautiful bowl from her.

  17. Lazuli says:

    Oooh, very nice purchases, and very restrained, I must say. Although processing all that fleece doesn’t seem so restrained, to me! Those are very beautiful spindles, too! Also – I want to hear more about that fiber club!!

  18. Debbie says:

    Hi, I found your blog via Plurk. I think those spindles are the most beautiful I have ever seen. What a wonderful thing to receive for Christmas.

  19. Risa says:

    Awesome purchases. As to that fleece, yes, if you find yourself going back again and again to something, yup, big ole hint to buy it. I did that two years ago with that black corrie fleece, wound up NOT purchasing at the festival, but splitting with another blogger who had the same experience with the same fleece.

    I too am very glad that I made a big yarn purchase, also for a sweater from Fine Fleece, early on Saturday because not too terribly long after, they had almost no yarn left.

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