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Thanks for all the commiseration with my sock machine woes of the last post. Thanks also to those of you that pointed out the Houdini Socks. I’ve only glanced at the article/pattern so far, but it looks promising. I never would have seen it otherwise, so thank you!

I have yet to touch the sock machine again since last weekend. I know they say the older you get the faster the time goes, but I never thought it could be *this* true. I have no idea where the weekend went. We were cleaning for Thanksgiving, we went shopping, I did some dyeing (which I hope to show you soon) and then all of the sudden I was getting up for work! Huh?!? Guess it’s just going to be that kind of end of the year around these parts.

So it looks like this will be a post of many random things. I hope you’re ready because here it goes!

Random thing the first. My Dad went to Argentina recently by way of Chile. I asked him to bring me home an alpaca.

alpaca patch

He got close. ;)

Random thing the second. I finally got to wear my Annemor Gloves that I finished in the spring.

Finally got to wear them!

I’m usually far from the “matchy matchy” type but by sheer coincidence these happen to match the headband I made as my first Fair Isle project back when the first knitting olympics happened. And both these match my winter coat. HWJF tells me I’m cute. I’ll take his word for it.

Random thing the third. In between everything else I’ve got going on I’ve been working on cleaning the mohair fleece I bought at Rhinebeck.

mohair locks

I wish y’all had “Feel-o-blog” or something. It is taking quite a bit of doing to get these suckers clean but when they are? Soft and fluffy and just amazingly awesome. I can’t wait to start carding these into some sock yarn batts for the shop and myself!

Random thing the fourth. I had a local MLA chapter meeting last week and since my other knitting has too much patterning going on I decided to work a bit on my plain old stockinette socks.

I shouldn't be knitting this sock but I am.

Only the toe was done when the meeting started. I love being productive while listening to people speak, but part of me really wishes I’d been working on Christmas knitting. We will be having our Christmas with my parents early this year and I’ve only got about three weeks left to knit! EEEK!

And finally, random thing the last. I finished up another spinning order.

strawberry rhubarb yarn

Approximately 700 yards of fingering weight two ply merino yarn.

strawberry rhubarb yarn closeup

Strawberry Rhubarb Colorway. Squishy goodness. I really hope some of the folks that have been getting yarn for me will share what they’re making with it. I’m so anxious to see!

That’s about it from here. Happy Monday y’all. Think I’ll go watch me some football with the boy. :)

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It was a pretty exciting weekend around these parts. Central NJ got our first snow!

First snow 2007

I don’t think our little feathered friend here got the memo though!

First snow 2007 (1)

HWJF and I did some holiday shopping. While we got a few presents we also needed a new vacuume for ourselves. Since we found the upright we wanted on sale for $50 (!), we decided to splurge a little:


Now he can be cleaning from the couch! We totally love this thing. Definitely a great gift for ourselves. And an investment in domestic tranquility if you know what I mean. ;)

In fibery news, I did a little spinning (which will have to get its own post later on) and I did some knitting that is for gifts and can’t be posted yet (I’m sure you are all tired of reading that, but unfortunately, ’tis the season!). Here’s a closeup just as a teaser:

Scrolls Socks closeup

Psst! You can find out what it is on Ravelry. I’m Zarzuela there.

I told myself I wasn’t really going to do any gift knitting this year. Then someone specifically hinted for a specific handmade object from my needles and who am I to say no to such a request? One down, one or two more to go.

The only thing that really sucks about knitting gifts is that, according to one of Murphy’s unknown laws, you will most definitely have a burning desire to knit for yourself during that time! So in order to spell myself from the gift knitting after I’ve accomplished certain amounts, I’m working away on this:

Barbizon Jacket progress 11-25

That’s the Barbizon Jacket. I figure that since the yarn and pattern were a Christmas gift last year, it might be good if I was wearing it by Christmas this year. As Kim would say, I think I better go put on my robot hands and get back to work!

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