Fitness Calisthenics for Kiting

Fitness and Kiting

April 30, 2017

Fitness and kiting go hand in hand. The better your fitness is, the easier kiting will be for you. This is why we advocate body weight calisthenics, plant-based nutrition, and fitness experts to help push you through the challenging times.

Body weight calisthenics are critical for our sport since we need a high strength to weight ratio. We are not body builders; we are watermen. And watermen need a high level of cardiovascular health, flexibility, and a high strength to weight ratio. If you can bench press 400lbs but you cannot pull yourself up on a pullup bar, you will not be a good kiteboarder. Bodyweight calisthenics will increase your mobility, prevent injury, and take your kiting to the next level!

Plant-based nutrition is key to increasing your strength to weight ratio. Meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, and processed foods prevent you from performing at your best. These foods make you retain water, increase cholesterol, and make you hold more fat. "I used to eat pounds and pounds of steak, chicken, and fish on a daily basis because I was taught that they will make you strong and athletic. When I switched over to a plant-based lifestyle, my energy, strength, and health all increased at once. I also dropped quite a bit of water weight, and I became much leaner and healthier" (Jay Lane).

What is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular. "There is plenty of misinformation on what you should and shouldn't eat, but basically the more fruits and vegetables that you implement into your daily lifestyle, the healthier and stronger you will become" (Jay Lane).

Fitness experts are very important in helping you through the challenging times. They can provide needed incite, knowledge, and motivation to assist with your fitness goals. We are extreme sports athletes, and we always need a helping hand. Injuries can happen, but they can be lessened with the help of professionals. If you are interested in increasing your flexibility or need a sports massage, fully endorses the help and knowledge of Kim Breitbach.

Kim Breitbach is a professional massage therapist who specializes in working with elite athletes overcome hurdles and injuries. "Kim has personally increased my flexibility and strength to do the full splits. I could not have ever managed to do it without her years and years of knowledge and expertise. And when my body feels out of line, I know who to call right away" (Jay Lane).

Kim has been in practice for 8 years with an emphasis in pain management and increasing performance using an integrated approach suited for each client. She was born and raised on Maui and is very honored to serve the island community.

Some of Kim's techniques include:

Trigger point therapy and neuromuscular therapy for increased mobility, and pain management

Sports massage and joint mobilization for pre event or relaxation and recovery for post event

Myofascial release using massage cupping

Fascial stretching and assisted resisted stretching

Outcall prices are 75 per hour with an added travel fee depending on your location. Our home office massage is $65 per hour.

Please get in touch with Kim today, so you'll be able to feel healthier and more alive!

Kim Breitbach
Professional Massage Therapist

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