September 22nd, 2007

Can you believe it? The Summer of Socks 2007 is officially over and fall is here (not that you could tell by the weather here in central NJ)! It seems like just yesterday we were all gearing up for this and now it’s done. It’s been an awesome summer for socks. I mean, look at all the beautiful socks in the Flickr group! There are definitely going to be many happy warm feet this coming winter!

There are so many people to thank that went into making this along a success. First, I must thank Risa for sharing her technological prowess with all of us. If not for her automated sign up form and willingness to field several frantic phone call from me at the beginning, we wouldn’t all be here! She also made it possible for all of you to get the winning pattern from the Design Contest. Thank you so much Risa!

Next I must thank all our amazing sponsors. Their faith and trust in me and their generosity to everyone involved in this along was just overwhelming. When the e-mails first started coming in, I was totally overwhelmed. Thank you to all of you for sharing your creativity and amazing products with the winners in this along!

I actually got to knit 7 pairs of socks myself this summer! There is absolutely no way that would have been possible without Beth and all of our blog readers! Beth was an organizational wizard and the rest of our blog readers were on the ball and ready to go when we needed them. They each donated their own time out of their busy days and made a huge contribution to the along. Thank you all so much! Not having to worry about that part of the behind the scenes operations was such a relief and a help to me, I can not tell you!

I’d also like to thank all of you that participated in each of the contests. I hope you found them fun and interesting and maybe even a challenge.

Last but certainly not least, I want to thank YOU! If you are reading this or your name is over there on the sidebar, you were an integral part of this along, no matter how much or how little you participated. Everyone who followed along and/or participated helped to make the Summer of Socks what it was. There wouldn’t have been much of an along with out you!

Finally, we’ve come to the moment that many of you have been waiting for. The announcement of the winners of the Most Socks Contest!

First though, I need to get some bad news out of the way. Unfortunately, only three people participated in the Crochet division of this contest. Sadly, that was not enough entries for the contest to run as planned. However, our generous sponsors came through again and agreed that the three participants should get something for their effort. Therefore Zuleika, Dawn and Andrea will each be receiving a skein of yarn as a consolation prize and a thank you for participating. The remaining skeins of yarn that were tagged for this contest were redistributed to the prize pool for the other contests. Thanks so much ladies and I’m sorry that we weren’t able to have the contest as scheduled!

In much better news, the Knitting Division was a huge success! We had plenty of participants and many wonderful pairs of socks were knit. As many of you have no doubt noticed, there were two knitters that jumped out to an early lead in this contest. Before we knew it they had completed 20 pairs of socks! Then 30! Then more! In the last couple of weeks, they’ve been knitting it out, head to head, back and forth. It was anyone’s guess who would win. Only in the last few days did it start to become clear. The magic number for one knitter was 37. That was it, she just couldn’t go on. That amazing knitter who is the runner up in this contest is


37 pairs of socks is an incredible feat and despite not going home with the grand prize, Cookie will be receiving one prize skein of yarn for her efforts. After knitting that many pairs of socks, I couldn’t let her go home empty handed!

That means our winner with an unbelievable total of 42 pairs of socks goes to


I have to admit when Jeannie took the lead early on I didn’t think she would last. I’d seen it before, start out strong but run out of steam in the end. Boy was I wrong!! Jeannie did keep going strong, day after day, gorgeous pair after gorgeous pair of socks. I am a pretty dedicated sock knitter, but I don’t think I’ve even knit 42 pairs of socks total so far in my life, much less one summer! Jeannie, congratulations to you!! You are an inspiration to us all and you are a very deserving winner in this contest. Now go rest those hands! ;)

Thank you again to everyone for a great summer. I’ve been asked by several people if there will be another along next summer and right now, I just can’t be sure. If there is, I’ll be sure to post about it here when it happens. This blog will remain online until further notice so you can still come back here to reference some of the things we’ve talked about this summer. I will however, be closing the comments in the next couple of weeks (I sure don’t need the spam!).

In addition, I would like to encourage you all to please e-mail me at Jessica [at] zarzuelaknitsandcrochets [dot] com if you have any comments about the along, or suggestions for improvement in case I decide to do this again next summer. There is always room for improvement and I am very open to any ideas you may have!

Finally, if you are attending the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival next month, I hope you’ll stop me and say hello! I would love to meet you in person!

Thanks again for a great summer everyone!

Happy Sock Making!! :-D

Caption Contest Winners!

September 21st, 2007

I hope you all enjoyed the Caption contest that came to a close last night. Once again the voting was very close but we definitely have a winner. The runners up (in no particular order) were:

George swears by his Cherry DPNs, however, I contend that magic loop will bring us into the next millennium. - by KC

“Hey…….I thought only my wife knew what size weenie warmer I wore.” - by Jude

“Look, I’ve already told you: I’m not signing ANYthing until Ben teaches me his awesome short-row heel. Yes, I _am_ serious, I’ve got the sock right here…” - by Tina

“Give me Magic Loop or give me death!” - by Cookie


“Are you getting gauge?” - by HeatherL

And the winner of the Caption Contest and the lovely Merino/Cashmere sock yarn from Perchance to Knit is:

Philly 7-21-07 (4)

“Knit if by land, purl if by sea.” - by Phoebe!

Congratulations to all the winners! Ladies, please be sure to send me your snail mail addresses ASAP so I can get your prizes in the mail tomorrow morning.

I’d also like to let you all know that Jude is making her SOS Design Contest entry available for free! Go check out her blog for details!!

And just a quick reminder that the along ends tonight at midnight! :( Get your entries in for the most socks contest by then.

I’ll have a wrap up of the along and the announcement of the Most Socks Contest winner this weekend.

And for one last time…

Sock ON!!! :)

Pattern sent!

September 19th, 2007

Last night, thanks to the talents of computer guru Risa, everyone in the along should have received an e-mail with a link to the pattern from the Design Contest. It is in pdf format, so you’ll need Acrobat in order to download it. Several of the e-mails were returned as undeliverable or were blocked by spam filters. I’ve done my best to resolve those addresses where there were obvious errors and reply to spam blockers. If you did not receive the pattern e-mail, please check your spam folders for an e-mail from summmerofsocks [at] gmail [dot] com. If you still don’t have it after checking there, please let me know by sending an e-mail to the gmail address.

Only three days left! What will you be finishing up by Friday at midnight?

SOS Update: Can it be Week 12?????

September 18th, 2007

The weather’s cooler (a little, anyway) and the needles are still a-clickin’ away. Read on about the sock-a-rific progress these folks are making…
Beth a/k/a Bossygirl

From Melinda’s group:

Pat’s vacation socks were missed in the week 9 update with all the technical
difficulties I have been having of late.
Pat while on
vacation in mid august, managed to finish her Setesdal Socks using Cherry
Tree Hill Supersock Merino yarn in Champlain Sunset and Natural. They’re
a piece of art!
This week Pat has finished her “I Love Gansey” socks by Janine Le Cras
using Silja Superwash Yarn and has three more pairs of socks on the
needles. The patterns for two of the three pairs are: Fair Game by Robyn
Gallimore using Lana Grossa Bosco and Stile Yarn as well as Maia’s
Mystery Socks in Posh Yarn “Emily” Arcadia colourway. Fingers crossed
they will be done by the 21st!
Pam has had
a rough few weeks of late, but is back to knitting starting with a pair of
Jaywalkers. She hopes to finish the Jaywalkers this week along with her
second chocolate cherry sock. These two pairs will add to a grand total of 11
pairs of socks so far. Not bad for a gal who only started to knit socks at
the beginning of this years SOS. Way to go Pam!

From Carole Knits group:

Just another wee report from this group. Carole knit Loksins! in the perfect shade of green.

And Bridget finished a beautiful pair of Charade socks in the much coveted Wollmeise.

Just one more week to get those updates in!

From Worsted Knitt’s group:

Two little updates: Tina knit a pair of silky socks to her mother-in-law in Whisper Lace, and Worsted Knitt finished her first Sauna-sock and loves it.

From Dee’s group:

Once again, I have just one entry for this week. I present … Victor!

Victor is insanely happy to have his own pair of Jaywalkers in a nice bright Opal yarn. Go check out what’s making Victor so happy and while you are there, take a moment to congratulate him on his new job! Congrats, Victor!

From April’s group:

Another short update as the Summer of Socks nears its close.

Before jetting off to Hawaii, Adelle started work on Roza’s sock pattern from the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits. Aloha!

Adrienne has two more pairs of socks to show us this week. Well, sort of. She can’t show us the entire socks because they are off to Blue Moon Fiber Arts first. She’s made 5 this summer, 2 of which she is able to keep.

And now for more fair news. Amy J. won first prize at the Dakota County Fair for her Child’s French Socks. She’s also made a lot of progress on her Plain Jane socks. We’ve now had 2 SOS-ers rock the fair. Congratulations, Amy!

Jen has finished her Liebchen (aka Baby Cable Rib) socks just in time for her trans-Atlantic move. Good luck, Jen.

Amanda has finished her Granite Jaywalkers and is working on her last SOS pair, Sunset Socks.

Angela Marie has made some progress on her second Dream Sock, and has begun another pair of Monkey Socks.

Aquaknits has some gorgeous photos this week of her Eleanor Socks. She’s also started on Little Child’s Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks.

Anna had some time to work on her current pair of her “Knittin’ like a Rock Star Handspun” socks this week. She even had a chance to work on them at a faculty retreat she attended. They look great.

From Barb’s group:

Beth has a finished pair WTG!!
Barb has finished a pair of Vog On from Knitty for her Sock it Too Me sock pal, a pic will be up soon!!

From Jeanie’s group:

Holly, back from a family vacation in China, found socks in progress that she thought were left on the airplane. You’ll never guess where they were . . . but you can find out on her blog!

Janelle started a new pair, Grumperina’s Roza Socks in gray Koigu. You can see them at the beach on her blog.

Becky finished her Broadripple socks and started a pair of cable rib socks from Interweave’s Favorite Socks book.

That’s it for this week!

From Megan’s group:

This week, Miss Scarlett shares some posts about her most recent sock in progress, Nagini. Monica shows us a finished pair of Baudelaires in the most luscious of colors. How does she turn these out so quickly? Lovely work, ladies!

From Tina’s group:

Just one update today: Shannon H. is showing off her new sock yarn and her lovely Ravelry Summer Camp Swap package!

From Jen’s group:

‘m a little sad that Summer is winding down. I’ve found great inspiration in reading about everyone’s socks. Some folks are still going strong, though, and I suspect that not just a few of you will transition to Socktoberfest quite easily. ;)

Up this week, FOs abound.

Super Summer of Socks hostess, Jessica, whipped up a pair of stockinette beauties in Cascade Fixation for her mom. The picot bind-off for the toe-up socks is a nice, girly touch. Later in the week she wrapped up her stunning Denmark socks, a Nancy Bush pattern from “Knitting on the Road.” Check out the little details on the cuff - something you don’t see too often.

Jeanne also completed a pair of Nancy Bush socks. Check out her Child’s First Socks from “Knitting Vintage Socks.” These don’t technically count for Summer of Socks socks since she started them in March, but who cares? They’re gorgeous in Sophie’s Toes Waterlilly colorway. Jeanne’s not quite done yet. She’s got a cute little beaded number on the needles in Lorna’s Laces.

Mathgirl finished up a pair of Jaywalkers in a rawkin’ cool pink, white and black. This is the best pair of Jaywalkers I’ve ever seen.

And of course Jeannie is still going strong. She cranked out four pairs of socks since my last report, bringing her total up to 34 pairs! If you’re looking for holiday inspiration, check out Jeannie’s piratey Jack Sparrow socks (#31) and her Trick or Treat stripey socks in LoveSticks yarn (#32).

Jessica E. knit a pair of the knew Wendy Knits pattern, Double Eyelit Ribbed Socks. Like, I love the hot pink. For sure. She’s got her eighth SoS pair on the needles in the latest Rockin’ Sock Club yarn.

Jo finally finished her Fawkes socks. She even convinced herself to undo the grafting on the toe of one sock in order to make it a smidge bigger. Way to be tenacious! Not sure I have it in me to undo grafted toes.

Some are still hard at it, aiming for a big finish next week.

Jen of Legal Needles has been battling a busy Summer, and hasn’t quite finished a pair of socks yet. She hasn’t given up, though. Her Clementine socks are still on the docket and now she’s got Gigi Silva’s Gwen on the needles, which she’s knitting using the magic loop technique for the first time. Jen, you’ve still got time! We’re rooting for you!

Itchy Fingers Jess ended up frogging her toe-up socks, and has turned her attention to some “no-think” socks in a cute yarn from Dashing Dachs. And she’s still plugging away at her Double Eyetlit Ribbed Socks.

Jessica is gearing up for her next pair of socks. She’s got her new Woolgirl Sock Club yarn and KnitPicks Harmony needles itching to cast on.

And last but not least, Tua Bella Jen volunteered to be a Sockapalooza Sock Savior. She’s mulling over a few Cookie A. patterns, which are sure to cheer up her abandoned pal

From Manda’s group:

In no particular order…

Melissa finished two pairs of socks this week!

Lorette shows us a gorgeous pair of Wollmeise socks.

Malin gives us two finished pairs of socks this week as well.

Lynette finished some Simply Lovely Lace socks.

Meghann finished some “Purple Rainbow” socks… I think they’re very pretty!!

LynnK shows us some socky progress.

Manda finished her Soutwestern Socks, finallY! :)

From Cecilie’s group:

Chelsea has posted some pictures of socks in want of mates and written quite a bit of posts on socks lately.

Chewyknits frogged one sock, but finished her 7th, 8th and 9th pair for the summer :)

Design Contest Winner!

September 17th, 2007

Thank you again to everyone who entered the Design Contest! There were some very interesting designs and I really wish everyone could come away with a prize.

I’d also like to thank the two judges besides myself that helped choose a winner. Wendy of Wendy Knits and Lisa from Wildhorse Farm Designs, thank you so much for the time and thought that you put into judging! As you all know, both of these ladies are very well respected designers, and I really appreciate them lending their expertise to this contest.

In addition, another big thank you to all the sponsors who have donated a prize that will be used for this contest. Without you all, none of this would have been possible!

The Design Contest was judged on a number of points. First and foremost, entries had to conform to the guidelines laid out in the contest rules (qualities such as size, type of yarn, etc.). In addition, the entries were judged on their creativity, the attractiveness of the finished product (the actual sock) and several other factors. Each judge gave each of these factors a numerical rating which was then averaged with the scores of the other judges and then totaled. The pattern with the highest score was chosen as the winner. And that winner was….



Ina found inspiration in the tall grasses characteristic of the New Jersey Meadowlands. Her sock pattern is based on the Cedar architecture by Cat Bordhi, who graciously gave her permission for its use in this pattern. The pattern is innovative, attractive and well written. It includes detailed written instructions along with charts and diagrams. I think it will be a challenging and interesting pattern to knit and I can’t wait to get a pair on my needles! Congratulations Ina for creating an inspiring pattern that I’m sure we will all enjoy!

As a member of this along, each of you will be receiving the pattern for Meadowlands in your inbox in the next few days. I will post a notice here to let you all know when the pattern has been sent.

IMPORTANT: For those of you who entered this contest and did not win, I’d like to assure you all that all copies of your patterns that were sent to myself and the other two judges have been erased from our computers. Many of you might consider submitting your designs to other contests or publications and I would encourage you to do that! Your designs are safely your own and will not be appearing anywhere else without your permission.

Thanks again everyone! I hope you’ll all join me in sending Ina a big congratulations on her winning pattern! :)

Sock ON!!!

Voting open!

September 17th, 2007

Voting is now open for the caption contest! Go over to the sidebar and under “Pages” click on “Choose a caption” to see the great captions that you have to choose from. Then vote for a winner in the sidebar!

Voting will end on Thursday 9/20 at 5pm EST and is open to all.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a caption for this contest. It was great fun to read them and very hard to narrow them down to just 10 entries. Best of luck to everyone! :)

P.S. Design contest winner announcement coming soon!

Just to be safe…

September 12th, 2007

We’ ve been having some technology challenges with Melinda’s updates…they tend to not play well with the other updates (there’s a gremlin in the works somewhere). So…this week, the update has to be on it’s own. Here you go!

Only two updates this week!
Neuroknitter in the
past two weeks has fished two more pairs of socks. Monkeys in Socks
That Rock “Fairgrounds” colourway and Monkey Fish Socks in See
Jayne Knit Yarns “Fishy Wishy in a Dishy” colourway. There may
already be another pair of monkey socks on her needles. They’re
both so very pretty!
has started her sixth pair of socks, called Birthday Mini
Diamond. Life has been a bit chaotic this past week with the move
into her new place, but what a great new home it is. Congrats on the
new pad!

SOS Update–Week 11

September 12th, 2007

Short and sweet, my knitting friends. Enjoy!
Beth / Bossygirl

From Jess’ group:

Karen says: I finished 2 pair this week (that makes 6 all together). The first pair can be found here some very lovely CTH Serengeti and the second pair here this is Trekking 161 knit plain. They both have some of the same colors but thank goodness look totally different.

…and Kairi has finished another pair!

From April’s group:

Just a brief update this week, guys. Sock talk seems to have slowed just a bit.

This week Adrienne proudly introduces us to “Crazy Over You,” a sock of her own design in Panda Wool Circus.

Agnes is working on her plain Maizy socks for her husband, and they’re coming out quite nice.

Jen is almost finished with her mother in law’s socks. She also cast on some Belatrix in what she considers to be pretty ugly yarn. I’ll have to take your word for it, Jen. I don’t think it looks bad at all.

Amy P. is in need of some help. She has yarn and she has patterns, but she’s not sure which yarn to use on which patterns. Come on guys, let’s help her decide.

Andrea has finished her Hourglass Ribbed Socks in a milk and honey colorway.

In this week’s installment of Sock-It-To-Me-Sunday, Angela Marie shows off her Jaywalkers and Priscilla’s Dream Socks. Great work!

Finally, Angeluna has almost completed her first Bellatrix, and is also almost done with her Solstice Slip socks.

From Dee’s group:

Just one knitter in my group this week. Maybe it’s the heat keeping those needles silent.
Eleanor has finished her sixth pair of socks for Summer of Socks. Her California-Dreamin’Clog socks would look great with a pair of khaki slacks.

From Worsted Knitt’s group:

There’s only one update in Worsted Knitt’s group - Tina has finished her Charades last week, and River Rapids socks this week. She also posted a photo of the first socks she ever knit!

From Jeanie’s group:

We have several sock knitters who are still going strong in the final weeks of SOS2007!

Janelle is knitting her first socks in Koigu and is past the heel on sock #1. She is especially happy to be knitting on some smaller socks after finally finishing the really big socks she made for her husband!

Frieda is on sock #2 of her hubby’s socks in a really pretty . . . . oops, make that “manly”. . . colorway of Regia.

Heather L just posted three completed pairs of socks on her blog! The yarns and patterns are beautiful. You really need to take a look!

Becky admits to a little sock fatigue and has been working on a few other projects. Perhaps we’ll see finished Broadripple socks before the end of SOS?

Heather #1 posted some great pictures of socks in progress, finished socks, and recently purchased yarn with the help of her very own “Creative Photography Department.” Really! Check it out on her blog and read about how her husband put her newly finished socks in the dryer!!!

Ina is having some yarn issues right now, which you can read about on her blog, and sadly has no new socks to report about.

Heather is in a sock lull right now, too, but you can see lots of other new ambitious projects on her blog.

Finally, Janet, just started a pair with some beautiful blue Bearfoot yarn (oh, sooo soft!) and also excavated another wip sock. Will they be completed in time for the end of SOS? Stay tuned!

From Vera’s group:

Susan is laboring away and cast on for a new sock with some lovely handspun.

Susanna has started some hot rocking Jaywalkers. I love the brightness.

It’s number 12 for Theresa.

I finished my second pair of Breeze anklets as well as some booties to boot.

Susan B has finished her second pair of Monkeys (cute and colorful) as well as some self-striping socks

From Megan’s group:

This week, Monica of Passionknit shows us her completed pair of stockinette socks with eye of partridge heel, using a gorgeous colorway from Sunshine Yarns. Even though this pair on size 0 needles and with a larger foot than usual took her two weeks, doesn’t it seem like Monica has turned out a finished pair nearly every week all summer long? Way to go, Monica!

From Tina’s group:

Shannon H. is suffering from a bit of the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome! Oh no! Of course, she’s distracted working on a shawl from her own homespun (woohoo!), but perhaps the Fleece Artist she got in a swap will turn the sock slump around…

Sheri Roy has finished another pair - a plain stockinette, but in a cool mosaic colorway from Fortissima Socka.

From Barb’s group:

Barb H has an update but for some reason I couldn’t open your email too see what it is!!\par
Arlene has finished a 2nd pair for SOS WTG!!\par
Beth has a pair of finished Monkeys WTG!! they are #4 and a pair of Horcrux that are #5!!!\par
Beth has finished a pair of Inside Out socks WTG!!\par
Barb is making great progress on her 2 at once socks the heels are turned and she’s working on the gusset\par

From Manda’s group:

Not many updates this week from Manda’s part of the list. People must be in “school” mode and not getting as much done!

LynnK shows us a finished pair of socks, as well as two lovely socks in progress

including MezzoDiva’s Campanula pattern!).

Maire starts a new pair of socks this week - Brenda Dayne’s Pembrokeshire Pathways

Manda finishes 2 separate socks

Marisol finished some Monkeys! Very cute!

From Kathy’s group:

Very quiet this week, but Leigh has been busy! She has one finished sock in Jitterbug “Jewel”, and the State Fair socks have been started using Louet Gems in the Embossed Leaves pattern.

From Jen’s group:

The Summer may be winding down (dang already!!! it never even quite got to my neck of the woods in the first place), but the sock knitting is still going strong in my group. The end of the -along must be sparking a lot of finish-itis.

Jeannie’s picked up the pace coming into the home stretch of SOS 2007. Since my last report she’s cranked out a whopping 6 pairs. Dude. That’s almost a pair a day. And I get excited when I manage to get a few rows in. Go Jeannie! Go!

Jeanne finished a gorgeous pair of baby chevrons in yellow and blue J Knits yarn. She’s also tackling a forgotten pair of Child’s First Socks in purty Sophie’s Toes yarn. Now if she can only resist the call of a new golf hobby…

The Esoteric Knitter whipped up a pair of Cookie A’s BFF socks in Madelinetosh Vintage Apron sock yarn. She’s got enough left of the stunning blue and pinkish yarn for a pair of her signature footies. Me likie, too, Jenny!

Jo Ann finished her Broad Ripple socks, but not before she took them to see visit Indianapolis Colts. Indiana-inspired socks knit in Indiana? Doesn’t get more apropos than that!

Jen finished a pair of Fawkes in her Rockin’ Sock Club yarn. AND, the newest STR club yarn have already flown off her needles. She’s back at it again in STR, so stay tuned.

Jo is still plugging away at her hand-dyed Fawkes socks, and has made a bit more progress on the Anniversary Socks. Jo’s recently contracted start-itis and has a crazy number of WIPs vying for her sock time. The Fawkes, they are so close!

Jessica finished a Baby Cable sock in spite of it being mauled by a crazed Scarlett O’Hara at Dragon*Con. I dunno how you managed to keep your cool as all those little stitches came undone. The result in the new Yarn Pirate Rum Runner colorway is a site to behold.

Itchy Fingers finished a single wee monkey for her itchy-footed little girl. As cute as it is, she is only knitting one. She’s got a couple more unidentified socks on the needles, but has been lured by the call of the fingerless mitt.

Jen found comfort in a new pair of Charade socks, which stuck by her through her little son’s surgery. I’m so glad he’s doing well, Jen!

Jennifer’s working on Summer Soltace Socks, and is debating the narrowness of the heel. If you’re worried about it, you can always gift them to me. I’ve got way narrow heels. ;)

Ingenious Jen is improvising for her cable socks. After losing her cable needle a few times too many, she’s bending the socks to her will with a crochet hook stand-in.

Jenny Raye sent her son off to college this week, but that hasn’t kept her from making big progress on her River Rapids socks.

If you’re wondering about the design contest…

September 9th, 2007

Submissions are now closed and I received 12 entries. After consulting with the sponsors whose prizes were involved with this competition, I’ve been given the go ahead and will continue with the contest as planned. The judges will be sent the materials as soon as possible and a winner will be announced when judging is complete.

Thank you again to all who entered and to our wonderful, generous sponsors! I hope many of you will let them know how much you appreciate what they have done for us all!

One last contest!

September 8th, 2007

With less than two weeks to go, I may be crazy, but how about one last contest? :) This is going to be very simple. Ready? Here goes!

Write a caption for this photo of one of our founding fathers here in the US:

Philly 7-21-07 (4)

Send your caption to the contest e-mail address with the subject Caption Contest and the following information:

Your name as it appears on the sidebar of this blog: ______________

Your blog URL: ________________

Your caption:_________________

Your entry must reach the inbox by Friday September 14th at 8pm EST. I will narrow down the entries to a top 10, which will then be voted on right here on the blog (just like the Socks on Vacation Contest).

What’s in it for you? Goodies of course!

The grand prize winner (the caption with the most votes) will choose one skein from these three skeins of Perchance to Knit 80/20 Merino/Cashmere sock yarn!

Merino-cash sock yarn - Perchance to Knit

In addition, the next 5 captions with the most votes will win a set of stitch markers from what is currently available (you can see them all here)! That’s a potential to be one of 6 winners with this contest.

So what are you waiting for? Be creative, have fun and may the best caption win!

Good luck everyone!! :)