SOS Blog Updates, Week 3

Welcome to Week 3. For all the sock progress reported below you’d think everyone was doing nothing but sitting in their easy chairs watching big tv and knitting for hours on end! I’m so impressed. WTG, sock knitters! (As for me, I’ve false-started my most recent pair not one, not two, but three times in the last week. Apparently the stars are not aligned in my favor at the moment*g*). If anyone else is in the frog pond with me, take heart, read on, and be inspired! :-)

From Worsted_Knitt’s group:

Lesley send her updates: she’s finished one pair, and struggling with the other’s short-row heel.

Wendy’s happy to have finished her pair of Waving Lace socks, which took quite long to finish she says.

Our other Wendy has knit a lot of socks, but hasn’t posted them yet. Go and marvel at them!

Pagoda Lace Socks, Double Eyelet Rib Socks, Solstice Slip Sock or the S(p)ocks. The Asparagus Cable Socks are still in the making,

Tina has finished her Sweepeas in radioactive red yarn!

Victoria’s Monkeys are done, see the pictures in her blog.

And Zuleika, she keeps on producing wonderful crocheted socks at an amazing speed, plus has started a knitted toe-up sock

Worsted Knitt’s Rainbow socks are done! Plus she’s working on some child-size socks as gifts.

From Dee’s group:
I haven’t heard from many of my bloggers this week. However, the ones I did hear from have some fabulous entries into the Summer of Socks. Paula has finished her ‘Vog-On sock from the newest issue of Knitty. They’re so pretty in pink. Want to win a pair of socks? Check out Deb’s Vesper Socks. As they say at Publisher’s Clearing House, “you could be a winner”. Eleanor has finished up her Melanie’s Twist socks. The colorway she chose is just perfect with this pattern. Elemm has been working on his Vinnland socks some more. He also started a pair of socks of his own design. He’s named his pattern “Charlie Brown Blues”.

From Jen’s group:
I’ll start with the biggest news first. Jeannie is blowing my mind. She has knit EIGHT pairs of adult socks since June 21. These are not just plain janes either. This week she debuted Cross Stitch Blocks and Grapevines from “More SKS,” Welt Fantastic from “SKS” and Pepperknit’s Anastasia socks. Jeannie’s the one to beat for the most socks contest.

Something’s cookin’ in the Knitting Kitchen. Early in the week, Jennifer finished up a pair of Fixation socks in time to take her Stansfields-in-progress to the Baseball Hall of Fame. She knocked the Stansfields out of the park with enough of her own hand-dyed yarn left over for a pair of matching toddler socks. Now she’s got a gorgeous lilac Zokni on the needles.

No Muggles here! Harry Potter fans should check out JessaLu’s Horcrux Socks in Cherry Tree Hill that she hand-dyed herself (Are those Gryffindor colors?) and Jessica S’ Firebird (Fawkes rocks!). Happy Fifth Wedding Anniversary and 100th blog post, Jessica!

More celebrations! Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns marked her blogiversary in style this week, showing off a fresh, new Pomotamus sock. Check out Jo’s blog for stunning photos of her little neck of the Emerald Isle. Erin go bragh!

Jessica de la Zarzuela whipped up a pair of Falling Leaves in a week. Monkey fans take note: check out this Knitty pattern. Using Clessidra as a model, Jessica also explained how she converts cuff-down patterns into toe-up ones. Bookmark it.

JenSquared is also working on Falling Leaves, teaching herself to knit two socks with two circs in the process. She and her new techniques are getting along so well, she took her socks out to the drive-in. Jen knows how to treat a sock.

Another new toe-up knitter, Mathgirl, was seeing red: a tight gauge, 4 needles, can’t try them on, tight bind off. The solution: blocking!

We’ve got cheers and tears from Jen of Tua Bella. She cast off two pairs in one day! Hooray! But sadly, Jen had to frog her Mad Color Weaves-in-progress. For some great sockspiration, check out Jen’s Bayerische socks. Gorgeous!

Still waters may run deep, but rapids run fast! Jessica E’s showing her second pair of River Rapids, bringing her SOS total up to 3 pairs. Rumor has it that she’s got 2, maybe 3 more pairs on the needles and at least one of those is River Rapids again. I think it’s time to check out that pattern.

Itchy Fingers Jess is still undulating. This “Favorite Socks” pattern has a freaky toe that you must see. Jess has a great photo of hers.

Last but not least, Jen of Legal Needles managed to squeeze in a few rounds of Giotto while studying for the bar. We’re pulling for you, Jen!

From Carole’s group:
Beverly has finished her first pair of socks for SOS. The pattern she used, Cascading Leaves, is wonderful and the green of the socks reminds me of summery green grass.

Amy has also finished her first pair of Summer socks. And she knit them in some rather unique places, too!

And that’s it for this group. Just a reminder to get those updates to me each week by Thursday so that I can get the group update to Beth on Friday. Thanks!

From April’s group:
It seems like everyone is busy with Mystery Stole 3, but many of us have made some great progress on our socks nonetheless.

Abby of Ever Decreasing is still plugging away on her Vinnland and Jaywalkers. She hasn’t quite had the motivation to start on her second Vog On, but that’s okay. Vinnland is her first toe-up pattern and she’s loving it. I’m so anxious to see them when they’re done.

Last week Adrienne was pretty convinced that SOS stood for Stupid Ol Sock. I am proud to announce that this week, she’s changed her tune and has decided that SOS officially stands for Start (an)Other Sock! She designed a sock called “Peonies” and is working on a pair for herself.

Whilst Knitting in the Valley , Agnes has completed her “Pretty Comfy Socks,” and has begun work on her second pair using Opal Petticoat. I can’t wait to see how these work up. I’m a wee bit jealous of her pretty comfy socks, and if she doesn’t watch it they might soon be pretty completely stolen…by me!

Jen’s been a bit under the weather, but she was still able to work the gusset and turn the heel of her Mom’s socks. We hope you feel better, Jen.

Ali of Skeins her Way has completed her first sock and is well on her way to completing Sock #2. Great job, Ali!

Allison is slightly behind on her goal to knit one pair of socks per week, but she’s finished pair #2 and is working on her third.

Amanda’s feeling A Little Fuzzy , this week about following the rules. She realized that she didn’t follow the directions for her Flame Wave Socks. Shhhh….we won’t tell.

Amber’s making all of us jealous, as she spent a good amount of time knitting on the beach in Florida. I don’t know what I’m more excited about, the beach photos or the sock photos. She’s put down her knee high socks for now until she’s sure they will fit their recipient, and is working on a second pair for a friend.

Amy has finished her first Anastasia sock and, as I suspected would be the case, I’m just about ready to steal it for my own foot! Something about lime green socks make my world a happier place.

Angela Marie has made much progress on her Big Black Socks and her socks for the Hogwarts Swap. Great job Angela Marie!

Anne-Marie is almost finished with her Elfine Socks, and her handspun socks are no longer a WIP!

Amy of Dyed in the Wool recently acquired some sock yarn with which to knit her design for the competition. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Manda has finished her Space Monkey socks and has begun work on her third pair. All this while baking cakes for the enemy. Where does she find the time?

April is very sad to report that she has frogged all of her crocheted socks and has nothing, and I mean nothing, to show for SOS 2007 whatsoever. We’re only into Week 3, though, so I’m certain I’ll catch up once the numbness from feline-induced-wallet-emptying subsides.

From Barb’s group:
Barb has finished her first pair WTG!!
Becky has finished the Bubble Wrap socks, her Big Black socks and Jaywalkers are also coming along
Beth has finished a pair of pretty blue/purple socks in the Broadripple pattern WTG!!!
Baseballknitter has finished her first Vesper sock that is GORGEOUS I personally LOVE the color, but she does not care for the yarn go on over and tell her how great the sock looks!!!

Beth has finished her 1st pair WTG!! in very pretty Cider Moon color Baked Alaska

From Vera’s group:

Summer is sizzling, and so are the socks.

Tiennie’s new socks are absolutely gorgeous and in a stunning color.

Aren’t Stacey’s Whitby’s pretty in pink? Now, however, she’s found a new love.

Susan is back from vacation is and cast on a lovely sock with yarn from Mama-E.

Susie has finished her Inside Out Socks. Great job.

Tanya is busy “casting away’ on lots of pretty socks. Check out her sweet Pomatomus socks. Terby has started some cool socks OTN as well.

Tempe go the “toe up” and finished her colbalt blue Widdershins.

Suz snuck in some sock knitting this week.

Now, Theresa has got her priorities straight. She is packing eight sock projects for a five day trip!

Vera is so overwhelmed by all her socks OTN and Ravelry, so she gave up for now, and started another sock. She really likes the Dream in Color yarn too.

From Jeanie’s group:

Jeanie has five sock knitters reporting in this week. Just click on their names to read their blogs and see some B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L socks!

Janet Dalzell is working on three pairs of socks! She is nearing the end of her first pair of Monkey Socks and started a pair of Breeze socks, but says she’s having a hard time getting motivated to work on some “plain Jane” stockinette socks because the other patterns are much more fun. Be sure and take a look at her blog because her Monkey socks are fabulous!

Heather Lovely is making a valiant attempt to overcome second sock syndrome, and is working on two pairs at the moment. She is doing a beautiful pair with Cherry Tree Hill supersock using a cross-over rib pattern, and another pair with some gorgeous Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn. Check them out on her blog.

Becky Annison reports that after she finished her Embossed Leaves socks, she was guilted into starting a pair for her partner in a manly rib (Retro Rib from “Favourite Socks”), but this pair isn’t going as smoothly. A gauge issue necessitated casting on 80 stitches and she things she may be coming down with second sock syndrome.

Janelle Fine finished her first pair of “Mini” Monkey Socks and when last heard from was stash-diving while trying to decide what socks to do next. You can see some beautiful Monkey’s on her blog!

Hege Svendsen has finished one pair and is knitting two more pairs of socks, including a pattern from “Sensational Knitted Socks” that incorporates 2-color stranded knitting. Take a peek at her blog to see the socks in progress.

From Cecilie’s group:
Chewyknits insists on claiming that she has little time to knit, but she still manages to make a pair a week? A pretty pair each week…

Cindy finished a striped pair (and made an adorable little keychain sockblocker sock to it). Go and see her lantern moon bag sale loot as well. Wow.

Christina has been searching for a missing sleeve, and finished a pair of hawkeye socks (go look!)

After much ado Channon finished her pair of socks on two circs and cast on for her sockapalooza socks, luckily her pal has small feet…

Clare had a needle problem, the needle just came apart at the join…

Jennifer shows of her nail design and a finished pair :)

Courtney isn’t making much progress on her Embossed Leaves.

Cynthia knits her socks while listening to the Harry Potter books, the magic must be seeping into the socks, they look great!

Dawn’s life been crazy for some time, so now she’s crocheting up a storm of socks to catch up. And dk weight makes everything go faster, right?

Tekopp is packing her life into boxes again, while making her sweetie his first pair of hand knit socks.

From Tina’s group:
Only one update this week! It’s a good one at least - Sheri Roy finished her first SOS pair of socks! She says no other socks until she finishes the pair for her pal.

From Jody’s group:
Katie’s on fire and finished another pair! This one is in Cider Moon’s Glacier yarn. She used a linen stitch for the heel flap and it looks great!

Kimberly finished a pair of men’s socks in Inca Alpaca.

Krafty1 finished a pair of Gentlemen’s Socks in Regia Bamboo Color, and already started her next pair — Coupling in another shade of Regia Bamboo Color.

Kristin finished a pair of Victorian Lace Socks. It’s a free pattern from the Six Sox KAL and uses a modified version of the melon stitch — an old stitch pattern made new again by Jane Sowerby in Victorian Lace Today. Very cool and it looks great even in variegated yarn!

From Jess’ group:
It’s been a slow week - only two people reported in with progress:

Karin is working on a pair of ‘Clementines’ while Kairi has a pair of anklets finished!


From Megan’s group:
Monica has finished two pairs of gorgeous socks. Miss Scarlett shares a week in the life of her sock in progress. Michelle has been working on her first Bayerische sock, which is apparently a feat of knitting endurance - some rounds take an hour to knit! Nadine has finished several pairs of socks, including her own Snake Scales pattern, and still has 14 sock projects on the needles. She also stocked up on some gorgeous Tausendschön sock yarn and has been working her way through the heel and toe options in the Sockenworkshop book. She thinks she may have found the perfect heel!

From Kathy’s group:
Lots of vacation knitting going on and a few of my knitters have had some family and pet issues to deal with. Sometimes that increases the knitting, and helps you deal with the hard times…Take care ladies, we’re with you.

The knitters who have checked in this week are:

Linda at Boogie Socks, who finished her second sock of her first pair! She’s been doing baby socks so this is a big step in her sock knitting life! She’s chosen the yarn for the second pair, a gorgeous skein of Seacoast Handpainted yarn in Penstemon, but not the pattern yet. Perhaps a pair of Monkey’s? They are addictive!

Lisa J at The Pick of the Knitter has finished her first SOS pair and is working on pairs 2 & 3 at the same time. What!? Two projects going on at the same time?! A knitter after my own heart! One of them is the Watermelon Tourmaline in Feather & Fan.

Leigh at Rock On Knit Pron! has finished her first Waving Lace sock and 2/3 of the cuff for the second one is done! Hooray!

Lisa at Knitting By the Sea has finished her Monkeys and cast on some Cable Rib socks. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

Keep going ladies! I love watching the progress and the learning that is going on all over the knitting world!

From Sarah’s group:

Just a short update from my group this week. First of all, I should have included this last week, but forgot…Kellie finished her first Monkey and is plugging away at the second. Ruth has turned the heel on both of her socks (she’s knitting two at once!) and will soon have a lovely pair to keep her feet warm. Sammie finished one of her turquoise anklets and even beat Second Sock Syndrome at its own game — she’s almost half-done with its mate! And Sally is really making me covet some Dream in Color yarn, what with the lovely Monkeys she just finished, and the gorgeous green sock she’s working on now.

From Melinda’s group(courtesy of Kirsten!):

Following Melinda’s group this week has been very inspiring. Makes me feel like I’d best get needles clicking a bit faster…

Neuroknitter offered some weekend eye candy including photos of two newly finished socks: Monkey and Solstice Slip Socks.

Petunia has been one busy grandma. She has an adorable model pose with her pinky striped socks — one completed and the next on the needles. This week she’s added a new hobby, based in part on her visit to a cozy looking yarn shop.

Rebecca is done with one Nightshade boot sock and, after a number of false starts, has half of the leg done on her Sockapalooza 4 sock — a summer-appropriate pairing of Kate Gilbert’s Marina Piccolo pattern with Blue Lagoon-hued yarn. She also offers us a glimpse of socks-to-be towards the end of her post.

Phoebe put aside her normal Tour de France knitting to spend some time with her second Solstice Sock, which she poses in an unusual still life photo.

Orghlaith has been spending lots of time outside, but still managed to finish her Denmark socks and to start her next pair — Spring Garden socks using some Posh yarn.

Pam has finished FIVE pairs of socks, including this week’s Monkey anklets and some Refreshing ‘Vog Ons. She’s now well into her sixth pair, Jaywalkers.

Obsidian Knitter is keeping up her grueling pair-a-week pace, having completed a pair of mosty-toasty house socks for her uncle. She anticipates keeping up the pace with a mini diamond pair she’s knitting for a friend’s upcoming birthday.

Omly has knit Dragon Socks, combining a really neat mitered pattern with a variegated yarn in Project Spectrum colors to come up with socks that are totally appropriate to finish during this week’s Harry Potter-mania. She also finished some Danke socks a couple weeks back — a thank you gift for a handknit sweater from Germany.

From Manda’s group:
Lorette has knit a bit on some pretty Wollmeise socks!

Lucinda finished one of the feet of her Battle of Hastings socks.

Lynette started one of her Stitch & Pitch socks this week.

Maia finishes her latest sidewinder!

Maire fails at making the World’s Ugliest Monkeys, but she does make some progress on her Monkey socks. :)

Malia completes her first SOS 07 pair!! :)

Malin finishes some super-cute toddler socks, as well as her Mata Hari AND Cable Rib socks! WTG! :)

Manda is on the foot of her 2nd Charade socks and hopes to have a finished pair this weekend.. just in time to sit and wait for Sockapalooza (in case the Sockapalooza socks don’t get finished! LOL)

Margene is struck by SSS, but has three lovely socks in progress.

Margie shows off some Slytherin socks for her HP Swap pal.

Meg finished some very pretty Wyvern socks.

Megan finished her Monkeys and one of her Sidewinder socks this week.

Meghann finihed a mismatched pair of socks… one Wendy’s Generic Toe Up and one of her Coupling socks. Lovely socks.. hopefully we’ll see the other mismatched pair soon! :)

Mei finished half of a pair of Opal Flamingo socks.

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