Scavenger Hunt Winner!

Thanks so much to all 38 of you who entered this contest. It was meant to be fun and simple and there really weren’t any “right” answers as long as you basically answered the question. All entries that I received were included in the drawing. Here’s a few highlights from the answers I received.

1. A podcast that talks about socks.

There were several different answers here, but the one I specifically had in mind was Socks in the City. If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you do! All socks all the time. What’s not to love?! :)

4. A pattern for something inspired by a sock.

Many of you found this one to be a bit difficult, but you managed to find an answer. There were of course, patterns and pictures of Sock Monkey’s, but there were also gloves, and scarves.

5. A picture of yet-to-be-knit blue sock yarn.

I admit, this was totally self serving. Anyone who’s looked at my blog knows what my favorite color is, and you all definitely sent me some serious eye candy for this one!

7. A picture of a sock in the process of being knit that includes a cat and/or dog.

Many of your pictures featured one the knitblog world’s most favorite pets, Lucy! She’s definitely one of the most photogenic animals I’ve seen! But this one just made me laugh and laugh.

9. A picture of something (not yarn) used to make socks.

These answers were very creative. Some you had to look at pretty closely, some were a bit of a shock, some have been around for a while, but all were pretty interesting.

10. A picture of a sock with a refreshing summer beverage.

There were a lot of socks with beer - I wonder if there’s a reason for that? ;) I also tried to help y’all out and some of you wondered if you got extra points for sucking up (sorry! No way!).

In the end, I hope you enjoyed this contest as much as I did. :)

And now to announce that our winner is (drum roll please…):


She will be sent the two beautiful yarns that Cynthia offered up specifically for this contest. Congratulations!!

But wait… there’s more!! Since our sponsors for the along were so generous with the number of stitch markers that were donated and far surpassed our needs for the Weekly Link Contest, I let the random number generator also pick two runners up! And the winners are:

Jen and Kelly!!

Congratulations to all our winners!!

And just a quick reminder, the deadline for the Vacation Contest is this Wednesday! Get your entries in now!

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